Beginner’s Guide to Lumelos

As a quick primer, we’ve included a few tips to get you listening quickly every time you tune in. Before we hop into our website’s features, we encourage you to add the website to your phone’s home screen.

???? Get the Lumelos Web App

To do this, view our article on how to Get the Lumelos Web App or follow these instructions:

  • When viewing Lumelos in your mobile browser, select the three dots (Chrome) or share button (iOS)
  • Select “Add to Home Screen” and your finished!

???? Sidebar Navigation

Once on the website, the sidebar menu provides quick access to these key navigational features:

  • Discover and Explore: Find new music easily in these two sections. Discover provides the latest music and where you last left off, while Explore allows you to fine tune your taste or find your favorite type of sessions faster.
  • History: Review your listen history and replay sessions you’ve previously played (for at least 30 seconds) in this section.
  • Playlists and Favorites: Save your personal selection of sessions or curate your own playlist for quick access or all-day listening.
  • News, Learn, and Support: Catch all the updates from us in these areas. See the latest product announcements in News, gain knowledge about topics relating to wellbeing from Learn, and get assistance or product help on Support.
  • Dark mode allows you to toggle between shades of darker grays or lighter whites for your preferred viewing.
  • Theme allows you to customize the primary color of some icons and backgrounds across the site. If you ever want to go back to the Lumelos branded purple, you can do so by entering the following coloration specs:
    • R: 178 G: 141 B: 214
    • H: 270 S: 47% L: 70%
    • Hex: #B28DD6

▶️ Player Features

Once you tap play on a session, the music player will pop up and provide you with the fundamental options to begin listening such as the play/pause button, favorite, shuffle, loop, queue and volume control.

???? Account Options

The last area is your Account where you can also view your membership and account details. This is located in the top-right of the browser.

???? Feedback

And that’s it! If you have any questions or would like to share feedback, you can easily submit your thoughts on our feedback form or email us at If you’re interested in the finer details of how your information is used to operate the website, feel free to peruse the privacy policy and terms of service. Need additional help? View the Support section for additional articles.

As always, thanks for choosing Lumelos! We hope you enjoy the music????

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With a focus on wellbeing, Lumelos pairs with your favorite activities and acts as a guide to help you reach your desired mood. Subscribe today and experience an ever-changing universe of music.