Join Us to Celebrate the Eclipse! 

As the anticipation for the upcoming eclipse grows, we at Lumelos are thrilled to offer an auditory journey to complement this celestial event. We’re offering exclusive access to a new session that will elevate your experience. It’s available now for everyone who signs up for our email list.

By signing up, not only will you gain access to this special offering, but you’ll also stay updated on all the exciting developments, new music releases, and unique experiences we have in store.

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    For those who have received our eclipse glasses, you can access the exclusive session when you use the password on the handout to view the page.

    Subscribers: An Eclipse Curated Playlist Just for You

    The eclipse is a moment to connect, reflect, and feel the grandeur of the universe, and music is the bridge to that connection. We’ve curated a special 3-hour Eclipse Gazing playlist available to all subscribers. This playlist is crafted to guide you through the phases of the eclipse, enriching the experience with melodies that resonate with the celestial dance.

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    We have more in store for you in the coming days, including fun, educational material about the eclipse and how to make the most of this spectacular event. Follow us across social @LumelosMusic (Instagram, TikTok, Threads, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook) and keep an eye on your inbox and our website for updates, insights, and, of course, beautiful music. Whether it’s through the exclusive eclipse session or our carefully curated playlists, we’re here to provide you a space to find peace and mindfulness throughout your day. 

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